Setting Up a Web Page for Your Studio - Part 2 Do's and Don'ts


by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


he first article in this series, Setting Up a Web Page for Your Studio - Part 1 The Basics, discusses the basic mechanics of getting a piano studio web site up and running, as well as some tips for writing the site. The third article, Setting Up a Web Page for Your Studio - Part 3 Writing for the Internet, deals with the special considerations you should keep in mind when writing for the Internet. This article focuses on some of the specifics of what you should consider including in your site and what I think most site owners should steer clear of! These tips are born out of my experiences writing and editing The Piano Education Page for about ten years and reviewing over a thousand piano teacher sites in connection with linking them. While every piano teacher's site should be individually tailored to that teacher's particular needs, this article discusses some basic design and content principles that I think most piano teachers would be well-served in following on their studio sites.



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