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by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


eachers, parents, and students have a remarkable volume of videos, books, software and teaching methods available to assist in the process of learning to play the piano. Our learning material and teaching software reviews aim to provide our visitors with useful evaluations before they invest. Each of our reviews is performed by a full-time piano teacher with an active studio. Each software review is done in collaboration with a computer expert and is based on many hours spent actually using the product in the studio environment.

If you want to find out about what's available and learn how the various products stack up against one another, spend some time reading our reviews. You'll learn a lot and may even save yourself some money spent on the wrong product for you! You can also find links to download some of the latest try-before-you-buy piano and music shareware. If you are a publisher or writer of teaching materials or software, see the Review and Submission Procedures section for more information on having your materials reviewed on The Piano Education Page.




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Reviewed Learning Materials:

Teaching Materials - Methods and Aids
The Contemporary Piano Method by Margaret Brandman
K.A.C. Music Assignment Journal by Karen Celella
To Hear Ourselves As Others Hear Us by James Boyk
How To Get To Carnegie Hall - Weekly Music Practice Organizer by Diane Wachsmann
At The Beginning - Teaching Piano to the Very Young Child by Rhoda Rabin
Music Discoveries by Ann Crosby
Teaching Materials - Music Collections
World Gems for Piano Ensembles, Classical Gems for Piano Ensembles, Practical Solos Every Pianist Should Know by Elizabeth Tanguy and Amy Y. O'Grady
The Source by Steve Barta
The Keys by Steve Dobrogosz
Folksongs for Piano - A Classical Interpretation. Arranged by Cheryl Shantz
All That Jazz & Pizazz by Walter and Carol Noona
Piano Lessons - Music, Love and True Adventures, by Noah Adams
The Piano Book, 3rd edition by Larry Fine
Encyclopedia of the Piano
Tipbook Piano and Keyboard & Digital Pianos
Piano Buyer's Guide (video)
Bastien Piano Professor (video series)
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