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i guys! This awesome page is only for you! You can talk to other kids about piano, listen to the Taz-man, jump to other cool places, time travel to meet a famous composer or pianist, get a great tip to help with your lessons, get help with writing piano or music reports or even ask a piano teacher your own question! Go for it! The Note Brothers, Arnold, Steven, Jean, and the Twins (Mel and Danny) will show you around! Parents: be sure to read the note!

The Note Brothers




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Their Cool Music
The music you're hearing is:
Stoptime Rag
by Scott Joplin
MIDI sequence by Ron O'Dell
 Learn about Schumann (Biography)
Sound for the Netscape WAV/MIDI plug-in(More cool music: Home Page, Audition Room, and Listening List)

Ask The Teacher

Do you have a question about the piano, piano lessons, or music generally? You can get it answered here by a real live piano teacher! We'll pick some of the best questions and provide the answers here. We'll even show your name and the city you live in so you can tell your friends! Just send us your first name only, age, city, state, and country (if you live outside the U.S.) and we'll do the rest.

I have a question!!

Other Kids' Questions and The Teacher's Answers

A Note for Parents

Because the Internet is in constant flux by nature and standards vary from individual to individual, the content of the sites linked in the Cool Places section cannot be guaranteed to be appropriate for your children. We have examined all these sites and found them to be generally wholesome and educational for most kids. We advise all parents to look at the sites linked if they have any questions. Please let us know by e-mail if you find any of these links to be inappropriate and why you find them so.

Meet the Composer

Time traveling in the TARDIS is a whole lot easier than doing it naked!!

Time travel to visit Scarlatti!

We've arrived safe and sound in 1786 in Vienna to visit Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. We're in the studio of the great Mozart, who is talking with some of his students.

Other cool Meet the Composer interviews

Tip of the Month - Jazz it up!

Have you ever heard jazz musicians playing together?  Do you know that, for most of what they play, they make it up right on the spot!  This means that, every time they play something, it’s always different.  They sound pretty good together, but how do they know WHAT to play?  

They follow a lead sheet.  What’s that?  It’s like a map.  Gives them directions on where to go, but it’s up to them how they get there.  This is called improvising, and it’s heaps of fun to learn.
The first step in learning how to improvise the way jazz musicians do, is to learn chords.  Pick three chords: the tonic, the subdominant and the dominant.  You can choose any key you like, but if you’re just a beginner, stick to C major for a while.  
These are the chords you’ll need to learn: C7 = CEGBflat.  F7= FACE, G7= GBDF.  
Spend some time practising these chords.
Harmonically:  all together: a solid sound.  Both hands doing exactly the same thing.
Melodically: as an arpeggio, one note at a time, like a harp.  This is a prettier sound.
Practise playing these chords with your metronome.  Treat the piano like a set of drums, beating out rhythms using the notes in the chords.  
Try and change from chord to chord, jumping and landing on the strongest beat.  For example, using simple quadruple time (4/4) count 1 2 3 4, make sure you land on beat 1.
When you have the hang of this, write up your own lead sheet.  
Draw bar lines on a piece of paper, and write the chords in the bars.  Use any combination you like.  Then, put your lead sheet on the piano stand, and try to change chords when your sheet tells you to!  Mix the way you play the chords—and voila! You’re improvising!  Let yourself go with the rhythm.  After a while with practise, the less you think the better you improvise!

You've seen the rest, now read the best!Other Great Tips!

Cool Places for Kids

These are places with neat pictures and sounds or they might be just plain weird! Check it out!

  • Classics for Kids - an interactive, multimedia experience where kids learn about music. The site’s features include four multimedia games, an interactive musical dictionary, composer biographies, an archive of all radio programs and audio files of favorite classical music. All radio shows, past and current, can be accessed here as well. Parent and teacher resources are also available
  • Play a Piano : An interactive Musical Java Activity - Sound from a piano or any other instrument is actually a series of invisible waves that travel through the air to our ears. With this cool Java program, you can play the piano and actually see what the sound waves look like as you change the notes!
  • KidsCom - Talk to other kids around the world, play games, have fun. Totally gnarly!
  • Global Children's Art Gallery - Artwork by kids from all over the world. Look at their pictures or even send in your own! It's cool and fun.
  • Study WEB - all right, you gotta do your homework. Here's another site that can help you get it out of the way faster.
  • Dinosauria On-line - cool stuff about dinosaurs, including lots of pictures.
  • The Yuckiest Site on the Internet - This is the only place you can find Cockroach World! It's gross; it's disgusting; it's great!
  • Cisco Educational Archive - I know it says "educational", but you'll miss out if you don't look at this one. Be there or be square!
  • The Newton's Apple Page - All kinds of cool science-related stuff for kids. Based on the PBS television series
  • The Nine Planets - If you like space stuff, this one is totally awesome!
  • Mike Wilson's WHO SPACE Doctor Who Home Page - All about the Dr.'s adventures with the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space).
  • The Virtual Tourist - Go anywhere, just by clicking on a world map!
  • Totware - A place to get free kids software
  • Department of Energy Educational Software - From the friendly folks who make A-bombs, this site has lots of "free" non-exploding downloadable software. Be sure to look at the index document while you're there; it'll save you a lot of time finding stuff.
  • WWW4Kids - A whole collection of great places already picked out and reviewed for you, plus some neat games and a chance to ask your own questions about the Web
  • CIA Kids Page - Devise your own spy disguise, look up stuff in the CIA's great World Factbook, and even find about the "spooks" at the CIA.
  • BU's Interactive WWW Games - lots of neat games to play online.
  • Custom Paper Models at - Lots of free toys that you can print, cut out and build.

  • The Musical Reference Shelf

    Got a report to write on the piano? Want to learn a little more about it? Need to find out who Charles Tomlinson Griffes (or almost any other composer) was? We have a whole shelf full of free articles that should help:

    Lots of Piano Music and Cool Sounds

    Like piano music? Want to hear some? Well, The Audition Room has hundreds and hundreds of files of famous (and not so famous) composers' piano music. Jump over there and take a listen. You'll be glad you did!

    Take Your Own Trip with Dr. Who

    If you like the sounds of the TARDIS and the Doctor in our Meet the Composer interviews, you can download your own sounds for free and play them on your own computer. These come from the BBC series, Doctor Who, and span many of the Doctor's regenerations. Go get 'em for free!

    The Taz Speaks! (Sort of)

    From the Warner Bros. cartoon series Taz-mania, Taz grunts it like it is! If your browser doesn't let you play sound directly, you can get the files by turning on your browser's Load to Disk or Save to Disk function and then play them offline later in the Windows Media Player or similar player program. These make fun Windows sounds, too. Just download 'em, go to your Windows Control Panel, Click Sounds and then set these to play. They're way cool!

    Greetings from Taz (108K WAV)
    Taz takes a piano lesson (37 K WAV)
    Taz tells you what he thinks about piano lessons (41K WAV)
    Taz does the classics (65K WAV)
    Free collection of over 30 great Taz sounds, including all the ones above! (993K self-extracting archive)



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