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by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


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The Piano Education Page is:

  • An NCSA/GNN "Pick of the Week" for Monday, August 28, 1995
  • Rated among the Top 5% of All Sites on the Internet by Point Survey
  • Featured in The World Wide Web Top 1000 published by New Riders Publishing
  • Listed in MecklerMedia's World Wide Web Yellow Pages
  • A FIDO! (The Family Internet Directory Online) Site of the Day
  • A NetGuide "Picks of the Month" and "4-star" site
  • An Eye on the Web "Selected Site"
  • A JSBC "Best of the Net" site for June 1996
  • A FIDO: Leader of the Pack Site for July 1996
  • A Computer Currents Magazine "Link of the Week" for August 5, 1996
  • A Youth Compass "Ultimate Destination" Awardee for the week of September 22, 1996
  • A "Fledge Approved" site for kids
  • Featured in The 1997 Daily Webpage Calendar
  • Featured in United Press International's WWW4Kids for the week of February 16, 1997
  • A Search Engine City Site of the Week for August 25, 1997
  • Featured in the American Music Teacher August/September 1997 issue
  • A Klassik Online "Web Site of the Week" for the week of September 1, 1997
  • A ROUTE 6-16 Weekly Selection
  • Featured in "Kids Stuff" on Suite 101
  • Listed in Most Favorite Web Sites - Best of the Web, published by Lycos Publishing
  • Featured in the Piano & Keyboard January/February, 1998 issue
  • A MELS High Note Award winner
  • A Editor's Choice
  • Listed in the BBC Webguide
  • The Education Source - Best Web Sites of 1998 - Best Music Site of 1998 Awardee
  • FamilyPCFun Site of the Week for June 21, 1998
  • Selected as one of 100 "Outposts" for CyberSurfari '98
  • Selected site for The ABC's of Parenting
  • Listed in the Osborne/McGraw-Hill Internet Kids and FamilyYellow Pages 1999 and Millenium Editions as a place of "special merit"
  • Featured in Keyboard Companion Summer 1999 issue
  • Selected as one of 100 "Outposts" for CyberSurfari '99 and 2000
  • One of Sites Bestowed the Parenting Q&A's Seal of Approval
  • Winner of the Los Angeles Times Launch Point Award
  • Winner of CyberTeddy's Top 500 WebSite award
  • Awarded a Highly Commended and 4-star rating by Schoolzone
  • Cited in Microsoft Encarta 2000
  • A recipient of the WEB FEET Seal of Approval as a site that is especially valuable for research, teaching, or general interest.
  • A Recipient of the Select Site Award
  • Selected as one of 100 "Outposts" for CyberSurfari2000
  • Listed on as one of the best educational resources on the Internet
  • A recipient of the Golden Crane Creativity Award for sites providing free instructional information in arts, crafts, music, writing, and other creative activities
  • Selected as a Links2Go "Key Resource" in Piano Music for The Teaching Studio
  • Featured on
  • Included in Access Magazine's "Guide to the Web: Volume II
  • Named an "Encarta Editor's Pick" for piano in Microsoft Encarta and Encarta Reference Library
  • Editor's Choice Award from, the SuperSite for Kids!
  • So Musical! Top Music Site Award
  • One of the "Recommended Sites" in Piano for Dummies
  • Rated "5 stars" by MERLOT peer review
  • Winner of 2006 "Wisdom Award"
  • Named "World's Best Website on Piano" for 2007 by Beesker
  • Featured for the state of New Mexico in the U.S. Chambers of Commerce Faces of IP (Intellectual Property) program - 2009

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