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by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
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ur staff and contributing authors are composed entirely of unpaid volunteers. The Piano Education Page would not be possible without their volunteer effort and the support of the people and organizations listed below. If you like what you see on PEP, drop them an e-mail to let them know you appreciate their work! If you are a music educator and have something to say that you think would interest a worldwide audience of students, teachers, parents and fans of the piano, or would like to do reviews of software or teaching materials for the site, we encourage you to contact us.


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The Piano Education Page Staff and Sponsors

Editorial Staff

John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.

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Contributing Authors

Articles on The Piano Education Page are contributed to the site by many different talented individuals. A list of most of those authors who have donated their time and expertise to the site is below. The author of an article is listed with the article itself or, if various authors have contributed parts of various items on a page, the primary author(s) are given at the top and the author of a given section with the relevant text.

In a few specific cases, the Tips for Kids and Meet the Composer interviews, authorship is intentionally omitted, as we feel this would interfere with the flow and "atmosphere" of articles intended primarily for children. The authors of these articles are specifically acknowledged on our Meet the Authors page. Finally, we wish to thank the many talented artists who have consented to be subjects of our Artist/Educator Interviews. Their insights have helped to inspire many of us who work on PEP, as well as our visitors.

We also wish to acknowledge and thank the donor of the server space in which PEP resides. His public-spirited gift of space is a great service to all PEP's many visitors around the world.

PEP Article Authors

Mary Brown

Joan S. Burrows

Nancy Farrior, B.A.

Ann Fernandez, B.A.

Robert S. Finley, BSc.

Kathy Hardisty, B.S.

Lyndall Hertzler, B.Teach.

Linda Holzer, D. Mus.

Peg Holzgrafe, C.M.T.

Jenny Simaile, B.A. Grad.Dip.Ed.

William Leland, D.M.A.

Annabelle Leviton, M.M.

Jennifer Olson, B.A.

Nancy L. Ostromencki, B.A.

Morrine Silverman, M.M.

Jane L. Viemeister, D.M.A.

Amy Y. O'Grady, B.A.

As indicated on our Audition Room and Listening List and Composer Resource pages, MIDI files appearing on PEP are authored by others, not associated with PEP. Where known, the MIDI sequencers are indicated on these pages. We thank these individuals for their efforts on behalf of music lovers everywhere.

We thank Boutell.Com, Inc. for the collapsible outline JavaScript code used on PEP.

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