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by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


n its twenty years of existence as a free, public service, web resource for pianists, teachers and students, we have made available over 300 documents on the Piano Education Page. These discuss virtually all aspects of teaching, learning and enjoying piano. All of those pages are read regularly, but some are particularly popular among the nearly 10 million "unique visitors" to PEP over the last twenty years. Here, I provide a list, in no particular order, of some of the most popular pages on PEP. Because there is some slight month-to-month variation in the popularity of pages, I've expanded the list beyond ten to account for a broader range of viewing history. Take a look at these pages and find out what others find useful and interesting about them. Of course, some or all of the 300 or so other documents on PEP will be of interest to lots of visitors, but this list will give you a good start.


  • Piano Teaching Methods - a summary review of some of the most popular piano teaching methods, with indications of strengths and weaknesses of each method. Links to PEP reviews of specific method materials appear with most methods discussed
  • Piano Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - quick answers to some of the most asked questions about pianos - history, how to buy, how to maintain and much more
  • Just for Kids - our special page for kids, with unique look and idiom, plus time travel trips to meet famous composers. Each upgrade has different new features and information, along with specially-chosen piano music for kids.
  • Learning to Play the Piano - all about lessons, teachers, pianos and a whole lot more. This is the entry page for much of PEP's content for students and parents.
  • Some Common Misconceptions About Piano Lessons - This page is a favorite of both teachers and students, since it helps teachers deal with misconceptions and helps students and parents avoid them.
  • Piano and Music Software Reviews - a summary of all the reviews of piano software that we've done for the site. There is also information about how we do the reviews to assure uniformity and fairness and links to additional documents on the site which help you choose and use piano software to best advantage.
  • Starting a Private Teaching Studio - almost everything starting teachers of piano need to know when they open a teaching studio. You can save yourself a lot of wasted emotion, effort and money by reading this, if you're just beginning to teach piano.
  • The Audition Room - listen to hundreds of MIDI works chosen from the piano teaching repertoire. This page is a good way to find out what works interest you.
  • Tips - Your Child and Lessons - the entry to some of our best help about taking piano lessons and learning most effectively. Directed at both parents and students.
  • Miracle Piano Teaching System Frequently Asked Questions for PC Versions - our long help page for owners of the old MPTS software and hardware. This page also carries links to our other MPTS help pages for owners of it for different operating systems/hardware.
  • Learning to Play Without a Private Teacher - While a private teacher is probably the best way to learn piano, this page provides help for those who want to try learning on their own.
  • The Teaching Studio - the central spot for all our articles directed at teachers. If you teach piano, you will want to look at this page.
  • Listening List and Composer Resource - a compilation of piano works in the teaching repertoire that students should know, including links to MIDI renderings of the works. Links to biographies of composers provide a quick way to learn about the works.
  • Purchasing and Caring For a Piano or Keyboard - how to make a good decision in purchasing a piano and how to care for it after you buy.
  • Repertoire for Piano One Hand - a long list of works for the piano, playable with a single hand, both for pianists with impairments and students. Compiled with the help of piano professor Ted Edel.
  • Review of Faber and Faber Piano Adventures Basic Piano Method - The "Faber method" is one of the most popular of the current "methods" for teaching piano. This review of some of the method materials will be helpful to both piano teachers and students.
  • Many of these pages are filled with links to other pages on the site, so take a look at these, then explore. I think you'll find it worth the effort.

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