Top Ten Lists


by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


rom the "home office" in Rio Rancho, NM USA: Our "top ten" lists are intended as quick ways for students and teachers to learn how to be most effective in their teaching and/or learning. They may not be as funny as the lists on The Dave Letterman Show used to be, but they'll probably help you more with learning and teaching piano than Dave's did!



Top Ten Tips for Piano Teachers - General by Nancy Ostromencki and John Zeigler

Top Ten Considerations in Giving the Family a Piano by John Zeigler

Top Ten Steps in Choosing the Right Teacher by John Zeigler

Top Ten Ways For Teachers To Remain Motivated by Jenny Simaile

Top Ten Ways to Get the Most From Your Piano Lessons by Jenny Simaile

Top Ten Qualities of a Successful Piano Student by Jenny Simaile

Top Ten Qualities of a Diligent Piano Teacher by Jenny Simaile

Top Piano Education Page Favorites of Visitors by John Zeigler


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