Pianos and Keyboards


by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


re you in the market for a piano or keyboard? Do you have one and want to know how to maintain it? Does your piano need some work? Or do you just want to know how the piano came to exist? You'll find answers to these and lots more questions on our pages devoted to pianos and keyboards. If you have a question these articles don't answer, you can use our Feedback page to send us an e-mail. Please note that we cannot and will not provide estimates of value of pianos or offer judgments about the price of pianos.



keyinfo.gif (1045 bytes)For links to other sites with information about pianos, see our page Purchasing and Caring For a Piano 


Piano Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - all about pianos

Purchasing and Caring For a Piano or Keyboard - tips for choosing, maintaining, repairing and moving

Keyboards, Digital Pianos and Piano Lessons - all about using digital pianos and keyboards in lessons

The "Why" of the Piano - how it was invented and developed

Diagnosing the General Condition of Your Piano - a how-to guide for the home pianist

Piano Tuning - How It Is Done and Who Should Do It - what should be done and what qualifications are necessary

A Midi Sequencing Tutorial - use your MIDI keyboard to create computer-playable music

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