The First Lesson


by Nancy L. Ostromencki
Tucson, AZ  USA


student's first lesson is critical for both the teacher and the student. For the student, the first lesson is his introduction to a skill that he can take with him for a lifetime. It sets the tone for his subsequent experience with piano and serious music. For the teacher, it is an opportunity to gauge the student's interest, talent, degree of accomplishment in any previous training and the nature of the personal interaction with the prospective student. Ideally, the teacher will be able to determine from the initial lesson the music to start the student on, the "method," if any, that will be used and the degree of commitment of the student or the parents of the student to a musical education. Although each teacher will develop individual preferences and goals for a first lesson, I outline below some of the things I do in a typical first lesson, especially for those new to teaching.



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