Organizing and Running a Student Piano Competition


by Nancy Ostromencki and John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA



oth students and teachers can benefit from experiences in competitions. It gives students a chance to learn and to see what other students can accomplish with sufficient motivation and effort. Teachers also benefit in that feedback from judges can help them improve their teaching. Contests need not be the kind of highly competitive and elaborate affairs that come to mind when we think of major international competitions like the Tchaikovsky. With planning and a little work, the average teacher can give local students a positive experience that emphasizes the learning aspects of competitions and minimizes the negative effects of those competitions which focus participants only on winning. Well-run contests can be events that teachers, the students, and their parents will want to do again and can also be a good fund-raising source to support the educational activities of teachers organizations. Information for parents and students about competition preparation and participation can be found on one of our Tips for Students and Parents pages.




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