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by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


ince its inception in 1995, we have encouraged the participation of a worldwide audience of teachers and students in generating the content of PEP, so as to provide a wide group of opinions and approaches to piano teaching and learning. PEP's long list of contributing authors attest to that fact. However, not all of the most valuable contributions can be found in the articles.

The Piano Education Page Forums provide a wealth of information from piano teachers, students and pianists around the world, many of whom have not written otherwise for PEP. However, they are so extensive in their content that many people may have difficulty finding the "best" threads for reading. This article summarizes in one place those threads within the Forums which have generated the most posts or have been indicated as favorite threads by the users of the Forums. I hope that this summary will prove valuable to those who would like to learn more, especially on those subjects which we have not previously written upon elsewhere on the site. I have used my own posts in some of these threads as the basis for expanded full articles for PEP, so reading the original threads gives you an opportunity to see what others felt on the same topics.

Linked threads below will open in a new tab or window, so that you can keep this page available as you examine the various threads. As the titles of the threads are largely self-explanatory, I have not attempted to provide a summary of the content of them. Most of the threads listed and linked below are available to Forums non-members ("Guests"). A few may require you to join the Forums to view them.

Of course, we would be happy to have you add your own thoughts to those threads as a Member of the Forums. Joining the Forums takes just a couple of minutes, is completely free, and is not used for spamming or product sales purposes. Within 24 hours after you join, you will will be approved for full access to all threads for both reading and posting. A confirmation e-mail will notify you of the approval.



Member Favorites

There are many other extensive threads on the Forums which have much to recommend them. I hope this listing will help introduce the Forums to those who may not be familiar with them as a source of information, additional to the over 1000 pages of the Piano Education Page articles. I encourage visitors to PEP to view, add to and start other threads as well. If you want to read or talk thoughtfully about piano and piano teaching, you can find few places better to do so than the PEP Forums.

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