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Downloadable Musical Graphics


by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


ere we provide a depiction of some of the general-use musical graphics that we have developed for The Piano Education Page. Teachers and individuals may download them and use them royalty-free on newsletters, individual non-commercial or teacher web sites, and non-commercial educational materials, so long as they meet all the conditions outlined on Reprinting from The Piano Education Page. You must request our permission as indicated on Reprinting from The Piano Education Page to legally use these copyrighted graphics! They are offered "as-is". While all have been tested (hundreds of times every day!) and are thought to be in correct order, we cannot be responsible for the condition of the graphics or the way in which you use them. They may NOT be downloaded for commercial or resale purposes or for the purpose of offering them to others on a web site, though they may be used on a web site in accordance with the policies on Reprinting from The Piano Education Page. If you use them in any way, you may NOT grant permission for others to use them. Such requests should be directed to us. Please be patient in allowing time for the large number of graphics on this page to display!


To download these graphics, after receiving permission for use, just right click the graphic and choose Save Image (or similar command) from the popup menu.

Downloadable Musical Graphics

The graphics shown below are mostly thumbnails of larger graphics. The larger versions, ones designated as "animated" and additional graphics not shown here are available on the PEP CD. The sizes available on the PEP CD are given in pixels

keybdmd.gif (2492 bytes)

Piano Keyboard

Medium (201x40)
Tiny (124x19)

pnowelca.gif (6552 bytes)

Animated Keyboard Welcome

keyinfo.gif (1045 bytes)

"Key Info"

speaker.gif (4377 bytes)

Animated Speaker

3D Notes on Wood Background

3D Notes on Wood Background

3D Notes on Wood Background

3D Notes on Wood Background

3D Notes on Wood Background

3D Notes on Wood Background

Lizard Notes

Turquoise Clef Background

Large 3-D treble clef (100x236 pixels)
Small (59x139 pixels)
Iconic (20x47 pixels)

Large 3-D Bass Clef (160x181 pixels)
Small (70x90 pixels)
Iconic (40x45 pixels)

Rotating Animated
3-D Treble Clef

Animated Metronome

Medium Transparent 3-D Treble Clef
(79x140 pixels)
Small (39x70 pixels)
Iconic (23x42 pixels)

Medium Transparent 3-D Bass Clef
(79x94 pixels)
Iconic (37x39 pixels)
Tiny (22x23 pixels)

3D Half Note

3D Quarter Notes

Keyboard A key

Keyboard B key

Keyboard C key

Keyboard D key

Keyboard E key

Keyboard F key

Keyboard G key

coolmosh.gif (3059 bytes)

Mosh Notes

Pianoforte Shield

Pianoman Shield

Piano Graffiti


3-D Ribbon

Fingerpaint Background

PEP Opus 9 Page Image


Piano puzzle

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