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Evaluating Music Software Before You Buy


by John M. Zeigler, Ph.D.
Rio Rancho, NM USA


e have reviewed lots of software on The Piano Education Page over the years. While it's hard to give any hard and fast rules for evaluating music software, since software varies so much in approach and audience, there are some issues and guideposts that we feel most people should consider as they consider purchase of music software. Before continuing on to a discussion of those specific matters, let us to direct you to our article, Choosing and Using Music Software. It provides general help for the average user of music software. An examination of our article on review procedures, where we define the criteria for our reviewers, is time well-spent for those who wish a more thorough grounding in picking quality software. With that background, what are the most important things to keep in mind as you choose software?



This is the abstract for the article. The full text of it, and many other articles not available on the online Piano Education Page, can be obtained by purchasing the PEP CD. To find out more about the PEP CD, click here.

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