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Meet the Composer - Franz Schubert

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urprisingly, we've arrived in Vienna in 1819 with no major damage, other than being scared half to death by the Doctor's driving of the TARDIS! We find the great composer, Franz Schubert in a cafe, the morning after one of the famous Schubertiads or Schubert Abends. Let's go talk with him.

"The trouble with the TARDIS, she's getting on a bit"


(Message from Gallifrey: If your sound is on, you're hearing Schubert's Impromptu, Opus 90, No. 4 now. If not, you can listen to Schubert's Impromptu, Opus 90, No. 4 by clicking here.)

Schubert's Impromptu, Opus 90, No. 4

Franz Schubert

(born January 31, 1797, died November 19, 1828)

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