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Postby Tranquillo » Sat Feb 16, 2008 4:48 am

I've wondered how teachers go about teaching students the art of performing. Even so, is it something that is really taught? or something the student learns on himself/herself through experience ...

To teach how to play piano, to read and to play a certain piece is one thing. Then to teach how to share this musical story to an audience is another... Personailly for me in regards to performance I used to always talk to myself. Every single performance I continuosly would talk to myself ... in my head I would be telling myself not to make a mistake and where I made mistakes. Other times (particually when I sing) I would stare at the audience and wait for reactions... this could be made through direct eye contact and smiling at them and to see if they react.

After witnessing a few proffessionals play with passion and true feeling I was moved and touched as a member of the audience. I was inspired to play like them, with my heart rather than my head. I suppose preparation can assist performance but still, I have seen people prepare for performances and play with perfection and not with passion.

So ... I wonder ... how do is performance taught?
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