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Postby 77-1076694718 » Tue Apr 12, 2005 7:28 am

Does anyone here have a Digital Keyboard? What are the pros and cons of having a Digital Keyboard versus an Acoustic Keyboard?
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Postby PnoTchr1997 » Sat Nov 04, 2006 10:05 pm

I've been in the market for a digital keyboard for a whiile now, but I don't have one as of yet. I know that some major pros of digital over accoustic include staying in tune, so you have a piano that's always in tune, and you save money on tuning costs (unless you tune your own anyway), they're portable, storage becomes easier, they tend to be less expensive, just to name a few. The obvious pro of an accoustic piano is the sound which is hard to copy with a digital piano (but they've come a long way with that now too). That's just my opinion.
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Postby Dr. John Zeigler - PEP Ed » Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:18 am

There are two other long threads in this forum, The pitfalls of digital pianos, and Keyboards and Lessons (link to it in previously mentioned forum), which discuss digital pianos and keyboards. These, though sometimes heated, provide a good and often, illuminating, exploration of the topic.

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