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Piano maintenance - Who does it for your piano?

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Postby Dr. Bill Leland » Sun Nov 28, 2004 12:14 pm

Hi Carol:

A lot depends on where you live, too. I live in southern New Mexico where the humidity is low most of the time--sometimes less than 10%--so a little help with moisture is a must. But then in the summer monsoon season we may get very damp conditions for a month or more; it's the big changes that are so hard on a piano.

Plus, of course, conditions anywhere are dependent even more on the actual environment in the house itself, which in most homes is subject to dry central heating in winter. The advantage of a system like Dampp-Chaser (no, I don't sell them!) is that it takes control over the humidity right in the piano, without being dependent on the ups and downs of the whole room.

Climate control can really help stabilize the tuning over time. It helps, too, toremind ourselves that a fine acoustical instrument needs regular tuning and maintenance. We're all so spoiled by the ease of buying refrigerators, washing machines and microwaves--all those things you can just plug in and forget--that people often think they've got a lemon when a fine piano needs tuning, voicing or regulation. It's better to compare it to a car, which needs gas, oil, tires, tune-ups and repairs at frequent intervals. Absence of the need for frequent servicing is one of the great advantages of electronic keyboards, though even they are not immune to problems, including constant obsolescence as newer bells and whistles come out!

Dr. Bill.
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