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Postby Tranquillo » Wed Jan 16, 2008 10:36 pm

I noticed a poll in Young Students. What I don't like about the polls is that you have to single out what you like. I would like to learn a differing styles not just one.
I would like to learn more on Jazz. A fair bit of it boggles me ... particually the syncopation it doesnt get past my head! Also, improvising vocally scats do bee doos and piano improvisations and blue notes ... its like a new brainwashing.

Along with that I would like to build a repertoire of classical and romantic pieces. There are some real expressive pieces with such great melody and form.

I would like to learn a few contemporaries and rock songs. Rock particually makes piano so much of a percussive instrument and pop doesnt really bring out piano skills. Having said that I generally want to learn a few because if I am casually jamming with my guitar friends those songs are straight forward based only on a few and we could fill in quite easily. Also, many can sing along if they dont know how to play an instrument. I like getting an audience involved!

Anyways what Styles do you want to learn and tell us why!
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