Piano wonders? - Any tips for late (14 yr old) beginner?

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Postby 112-1156457400 » Thu Aug 31, 2006 1:02 am

does anyone know any tips for a lare beginner? do u know/have any tips also on completing two grades and exams per year?
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Postby socksrock » Wed Dec 06, 2006 4:34 pm

I would like to know the answer too.... :p i'm a little younger though. :D
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Postby InspiredPianist » Sun Feb 18, 2007 12:41 pm

Is the most important thing to learn!!!! Without theory, you can't read the music and it makes life with the piano extremely difficult.

Other than that, stay motivated! Think of ways to keep yourself going! (I always reward myself like a 3rd grader when I practice for a long time! :D i.e. going on the computer, watching my favorite t.v. show, etc.)

One thing I do when I'm practicing is the good old "5-Object" task... or whatever you call it...! When I'm having trouble with something, I get 5 penneys and put them on one side of the piano. I play the section over and over and each time I get it right, I take one penney and put it on the other side of the piano! It works great for me!

Also, don't give up! Although there are the times when you may think you can't do something or it's not going the way you'd like it to go, DON'T STOP!! Take breaks if you have to or play a piece you know really well to get your spirits back up and then try again! THINGS WILL GET BETTER!!!

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Postby Rebekah » Fri Aug 31, 2007 8:32 pm

Hey! I'm fifteen and I began lessons properly when I was 14. I had lessons when I was really little for two years but they were a waste had a terrible teacher that wasted her time and my time. I never practised suppose thats why I progressed so slowly. Now with my current teacher I have really I suppose progressed.
Having said that its because I practiced like heaps every day.

I would say an hour a day would be enough but if you have no time half an hour is still good. You can take a day or two off in a week if it is boring to practice but you'll find practice is worthwhile when you see the piece coming togerther. Make sure you find a really good teacher. Look at experience and qualifications and PERSONAILITY you MUST get along with your teacher.

If you dont like him/her quit IMMEDIATLEY!

Oh and by the way its not how much you practice that really counts progress its how well you practice. If you spend an hour making the SAME mistake then theres no point. Really practice SLOWLY ... I think thats what all teachers say seriously. Slowness allows you to work on detail and allows you time to look ahead. When you know the piece really really well then you can pick up the speed but I mean it really S L OOOO W L Y.

LISTEN to what your teacher has to say if he/she tells you that note is mistake or that you held it on for too long... play it again slowly. I cant emphasize that enough.

And APPLY IT! to the best of your ability!

MOST IMPORTANTLY ENJOY IT! Love it INDULGE IN IT! If you hate it you wont have the motivation and desire to practice. You'd dread it!
Wells thats all I have to say hope it helps.
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Postby rebekah » Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:16 pm

As to how to doing 2 grade exams per year... that is a tough question because the thing is it takes time to develop a good technique other skills. Grades do not nessasarily determine ability.

I know my current teacher tells me about transfer students that have skipped grades with their former teacher and have missed out on fundamentals not being able to sightread very well or even have the correct technique at even at grade 4!

However I know he does skip grades with competent students that can manage it and pick follow correctly and progress. But everyone is different and its good to take things one at a time not cramming or skipping just for the sake of it. Its nice to see you do have that determination and desire to learn.

What my advice is : dont rush yourself or pace yourself just to skip grades ... really just try to soak everything in and listen and work hard at piano, practice and have paitence in yourself you will eventually get there if you try.
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