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Postby Glen » Sun Dec 07, 2008 8:49 pm


This is my first post to the forum, although I suspect I will have many questions in the future.

I am 62 and retired, and I just finished a two-year restoration of a 69 XKE. So I think my next "project" will be learning to play the piano, at least a little. About 15 years ago, I tried the Yamaha Electone course. I faithfully attended lessons once per week for two years. I finally became frustrated witht the results. My playing sounded unininteresting, mechanical and boring.

I never really learned to read musis. Rather, I found that I could easily memorize the fingering of the melody with my right hand, and play the chords with my left hand, in "fake book" style. Finally, I got too frustrated and gave it up.

Interestingly, during that time I bought a Miracle Piano and the software, and I had it running under Windows 95 on a desktop. After reading the positive comments on this forum about Miracle Piano, I got down my old dusty keyboard and found an old 5 1/4" disk of the mail program. Fortunately, I also found that I must have copied the diskettes to the hard drive of the desktop. I suspect all three are there, since the size of the folder is about 1.6 meg.

I have spent much of the past 24 hours getting the program to run on a Vista laptop and finally, I have been successful.

I found many helpful hints in the Miracle Piano FAQ. Without it, I wouldn't have known where to start. It pointed me in the direction of "what to do" but didn't say much about how to do it.

So, for all the questions I will probably have in the future, I will attempt to "pay it forward" by posting my installation experiences in the Miracle Piano forum.
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