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Postby 99-1075221929 » Sat Jan 31, 2004 10:27 am

Hi Folks,

I’ve been teaching myself piano in unorthodox ways for about 7 years (Discovery Piano System, memorization of Joplin rags with computer help). One of these days, I’ll get some real human instruction.

A while back, I began making recordings of classical and jazz piano pieces with the left hand part isolated in the left channel/ear and the right hand in the right channel/ear. I did a whole mess of jazz and classical piano pieces – even entire sonatas and suites. The idea is to give my brain some exercise by allowing it to hear which notes are played with which hand in a variety of pieces. I listen to them going to bed or on the bus when I can really listen. For pieces that I’ve learned to play, I try to visualize what each hand would be playing as I listen. And I think it’s very cool to listen to the counterpoint in Bach, hear a Fats Waller tune with the rhythm and melody separated or hear a wild tune like the Charleston Rag greatly slowed down.

So for a while I’ve been meaning to ask around for opinions on this practice. Does anyone out there see any sort of merit to this or have any interest? Might it be helpful to piano students to hear the left and right hands played properly, separately and sometimes slowly for pieces they are learning? I’d imagine that some more advanced players with good ears could listen and just play them. Does anyone see a market among teachers or students for CDs full of Joplin rags, Bach pieces, or made-to-order mixes that are done this way? I’ve already made a couple of hundred of these recordings for my own amusement.

For anyone interested, I’ve posted ten MP3 samples on the web at the address below. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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Postby 77-1076694718 » Thu Feb 19, 2004 1:05 pm

I can reply, thank you...I think it took a little time for me to obtain this approval...I am so glad I found this site...

I am just begining to think about learning and playing classical music on the piano (I am still trying to fiqure out where or what books to start with..I must say that I am novice in this area, but I did play your recording and I thought that they were great hearing the left hand and the right seperated...

There is great value in doing this and by the way Alfred out to take this approach with the CD that comes with thier self paced books...

I think you have a great idea and so sorry it took me so long to reply...
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