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Postby Tranquillo » Fri Feb 22, 2008 4:05 am

What happens in a piano lesson varies from teacher to teacher.

Some teachers go through scales and appegios first whist others go into repertoire then work on scales and appeggios later. Some have off the bench activities and others have the use of technology to come into practice. Some have group lessons whist others don't.

What goes on in a lesson vaires from teacher to teacher, I thought it would be interesting to discuss what order ones have their lessons in. Students what goes on your lessons do you do scales first then repertoire? or do you do theory first?
Teachers what do you do?

In my piano lesson we look into pieces first. Then, later we do scales but my teacher always, always incorparates techniques into repetoire - (finger lifting, wrist action, etc). Then at the end we do reading, last week we did reading first. Sometimes we look into terminolgy and background first ... particually when he finishes up with other students. Pretty much we switch around but generally we cover all that.

Its a bit different with singing lessons ... (I know this is a piano board ... but, I am generally reffering to what goes on in a lesson.) ... I do excercises first and then work on repertoire. The excercises I do go on for half an hour the repertoire go on for another half an hour. At first we spent a whole hour on excercises but it decreases at the amount of lesson I take. I spent 50 minutes on technique and then 10 minutes on excercises one time ...

So what happens during your lessons?

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