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PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2006 6:45 pm
by 76-1144948098
I'm using Alfred's 'All in one course' It moves quickly, but not too too quickly, explains well, and is fun. I use some of my own supplementary worksheets as well. They love the songs and duets, too, which makes the song sound more 'advanced'. I find it very easy to work with. I don't like the Bastien, because of the fact that introduces another way of playing (with little coloured triangles...?) instead of just showing them what a quarter note is. I may hover in a couple of spots and write my own little pieces to make sure it doesn't move too fast. The beginners I have are having a little bit of difficulty grasping 'beats' and 'bars' and quarter/half/whole notes. It's just such a foreign concept. I like the fact that the student can work with it even if they can't read too, that lifts a lot of stress in my department too.