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Postby Stretto » Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:53 am

Do others of you that teach keep transfer students in the same method series they have been using from their previous teacher especially if it is a method that you prefer not to teach from? Or do you often either have to or by preference change transfer students to a different method or materials? Would the students age or number or years of lessons/skill level influence your decision?

For example, if a student had been using a certain method book series and was currently in the middle of level 1 for that series at age 7 and you really didn't care for that method over others, would you change the student to one you preferred teaching from? Or finish off the level 1 book and then change them?

From a students or parents perspective what would be your thoughts on this?
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Postby Tranquillo » Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:19 am

Its real interesting by method. Just a question Stretto do you follow the method book series to what it says (when introducing sharps, flats, accidentals, chords, etc) or do you just use the method book by means of a guide for what repertoire to pick.

I know my current teacher goes through the first few weeks going through a method book with any new begineer student or one that has missed out on chucks of technique/reading/timing - basically establishing the foundation that the student never had. Then he would go on to repetoire books - literature.

The thing with the method book he uses (John Thompson) he doesnt teach according to the order of the method book he just uses the pieces in there as what to practice.
So I suppose if he had a transfer student come from a different method he's just use the same method book and assign the pieces in the book to practice. - thats just a guess.

*BUT* if you were using the method book as a guide as to what to teach I suppose you'd have two options - to get the student to adjust to what method you teach or to adjust your method to the student's method.

I know another thing my teacher does ... when I first had him as a teacher ( I was a transfer student ) He got me to bring a sample of the music I played (before the lesson he requested this over the phone).

Look through the stuff, told me to play a song/piece or two that I know well or memorised.

Then he asked me if I could play a piece for him (of the sheets I brought) ... after that he gave me a John Thompson book (he had a few spare copies on hand too and got new student to buy them - he pre- brought them - ).

Looking back at this it was a good idea as it gives the impression he as a teacher does not completely disregard what the transfer student (me) had learnt but at the same time establised that this is how he teaches...

Hope i made sense ...

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