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Postby Stretto » Sat Apr 28, 2007 8:53 am

Its nice to see there are several series out that can take one learning piano from beginner to advanced by level and using all classical piano literature. Many include a cd of the pieces.

Some I've ran across are:

Masterwork Classics, compiled and edited by Jane Magrath and published by Alfreds in levels 1-10.

Succeeding with the Masters, by Helen Marlais, published by the FJH Music Co.

Everybody's Perfect Masterpieces, edited by Carole L. Bigler and Valery Loyd - Watts, published by Alfred's.

Has anyone tried any of these? Any opinions? I've been using the Masterwork Classics series and really like it but the others look excellent too. I like the fact that I can have a student at an earlier level learning actual piano literature. The various piano literature series also take the guesswork out of selecting piano literature that moves gradually forward in difficulty.

Any other classical piano literature series that progress from beginner on up that anyone would like to add?

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