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Postby montana » Sun Jul 24, 2005 7:47 pm

All though I've been playing piano for 20 years, I've just started teaching myself classiacal music. I'm working through Thompson Book II and playing other select pieces I find. In bookII there is Chopin prelude #7 Op.28 and I've found Chopin Preludes 4 and 20 which I'm working on. My question is can you suggust pieces like these which 1. are the original not an arrangement, 2. are famliar pieces I and the general public would recognize and 3. are one page long. Ant suggestions would be appreciated
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Postby 108-1121887355 » Thu Jul 28, 2005 3:25 pm

One page long rather limits the selection. Try "SheetMusic.com" or "Amazon" and they will often give information on the number of pages and somethimes you can 'look inside' to see the notation. Any Schirmer editiions are not watered down. There is usually a place to ask questions and you could ask if the edition is original. Sheet Music answers quickly. You might not want to order on line as you have to pay shipping and your local music store should be giving you a discount. I do order, however, when I cannot find something locally. With your oder, you will receive a shipping discount for the next one.If I run across music as I prepare for a new year, I will sned the ideas along.
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Postby montana » Fri Jul 29, 2005 9:14 am

You are right after talking with another member I should revise my criteria. The piece can be two pages long, can be an arrangement but has to be something people will know and not real difficult to play. Something I can play as backround music in a hotel or restaraunt .
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Postby Stretto » Fri Jul 29, 2005 1:57 pm

Has your criteria changed to any style of original music or arrangements that can be played as backround music or are you mainly looking for classical music as backround music?

In looking for familiar classical music for my beginner to early-interm. students, I've always found kind of a dilemna. So I would be interested to hear some other's answer to your question myself. A lot of it depends on whether you want classical music written originally for keyboard(not electronic guys) :laugh:/piano or if it can be simple arrangements of symphonies, operas, instrumental/vocal music, or simple arrangements of advanced piano lit.

In searching out music for my students, I've found these categories anyone looking for rep. may want to watch for:

1. Piano/Keyboard Literature (usually a mix of various master composer's music written originally for keyboard/piano; watching for the words Piano/Keyboard Literature usually ensures avoiding books with arrangements).
Try: Essential Keyboard Rep., 100 Early-Interm. Selections, Baroque to Modern, Publisher-Alfred's
or Easy Classics to Moderns, vol. 17 and More Easy Classics to Moderns, vol. 27 by Denes Agay

2. Classical music books (usually a mix of Piano Lit. -original or arrangements plus arrangements of symphonies, opera, and other instrum. and vocal music/this category probably includes more famous, recognizable classics)
Try: Bastien's "Favorite Classic Melodies", in 4 volumes. Volumes 3 and 4, I believe are original piano works and not arrangements, I'm not sure about Vol. 2
or "Everybody's Perfect Masterpieces", 4 Vol.'s-Alfred's Publisher
or "Masterwork Classics", Alfred's Publisher

3. Classical piano music (usually a mix of original piano compositions and arrangements of more advanced piano lit.)

These are things to watch for in selecting repertoire. Please correct me someone if I am incorrect on any of this information. Most of this is what I've ran into in trying to find works of original piano compositions by the masters that are not difficult to learn. Then you add whether or not any of the music in these books is recognizable to the general public - - - - - HELP!!!

In addition to all this, some pianists prefer not to use books with a mix of piano lit. by various composers even if they are original and not arrangements. They may recommend at least to serious classical students and or those seeking performance careers to use lit. of a composer's specific work, i.e. Bach- "2-pt. Inventions", Bach - "French Suites", Kabalevsky - "Preludes", Beethoven-"Sonatas", etc. Then comes the debate over which editions are the most accurate.

All this could get confusing for students and teachers selecting music.

To all students and teachers: What classical music books, sheet music, etc. do you use for beginners-interm.? I am always on a quest for music my student would enjoy playing in any style. I would like to hear some answers to Montana's question myself. Could someone recommend some books, sheet music, etc., of either classical arrangements or original piano compositions for beginner-intermed. that would be enjoyable to listen to as backround music at hotels, restaurants, or students would enjoy playing?
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Postby 65-1074818729 » Fri Jul 29, 2005 7:53 pm

I have hyperlinked a web site RCM Examinations. Click onto "Popular Selection List 2005" and you will find a list of popular piano music for each of the grades in the RCM system starting at the grade 3 level. Each piece of music is explained, where to find it, who published it and so on. You can download the entire list in PDF format.

There may be something there that would be of interest to you.

AFlat :;):
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Postby 108-1121887355 » Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:56 am

Try "Some Guidelines and Sources for Choosing Repertoire" on this site. Also, are you just looking for classical? I think more people might be familiar with show and popular music. You can ad lib on these too.
Hal Leonard has a "Decade Series" of pop music in the 30" 40"s etc. that is good.
Warner Bros. pub has some classics that are original and easy to intermediate. I also agree that Bastien and Alfred have good books.
Minuets are often short and fun to listen to; I happen to love Beethoven.
Debussy is lovely but more difficult to play.
I am still going through music.
Let me know if you have found some good pieces.
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