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Great post, Dr. Bill!

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Postby Mins Music » Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:51 pm

My Mum put me to bed every night with the radio on. No wonder I could sing before I could put sentences together. The song was "Where'd your mamma go?"

My exposure was pretty eclectic, but with an overall theme of mainstream 'popular' music - The Stones, The Beatles, Elvis. But then came my stepfather with his collection of classics ( I'd just turned 8) and WOW! Now THAT was music! It was just intriguing. Then my Uncle solidified this love of classical music. He'd had piano lessons when he was a teenager and when he came to visit he'd put on these classical records and 'conduct' VERY enthusiastically. I think it made a big impression. (p.s my Uncle was very special to me).

Too long a story, but Jazz, Theatre, Opera were all there. I think a lot had to do with my study of music in high school - we had to learn different genres and be familiar with history and the performers/composers who've influenced 20th century.

I can say now that I love ALL types of music and listen to so much variety ... but have never really developed a love for country...
"I forget what I was taught, I only remember what I've learnt." - Patrick White, Australian novelist.
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I never had either, but after 20 years with a man who loved country - tapes, CD's radio, I began to enjoy it. Some of the stories they tell and the emotions they share are real and good. My daughter says they are all sad, but I find fun ones and loving ones, too. My granddaughter grew up bouncing to it on a blanket next to the radio by his wheelchair. Later she danced to it and now she still enjoys it along with classical, show tune and of course some of the 'pop' songs most 10 years olds like.
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