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Postby celia » Tue Nov 24, 2009 11:14 pm

:D Hello glad to see the forum back online, particularly as I would like some advice...!!
I have decided to have a Christmas Show at my house (on Fri 11th Dec), where my students will have the opportunity to invite guests, meet each other and hopefully enjoy performing a piece or two in front of an audience... I might even say if you've got any friends interested in piano lessons, bring them along too! Sneaky bit of advertising...
I have 10 students from the age of 4 to 16. 5 of them are keen and I think are definitely going to attend... They are each going to do a solo or duet with me, some of them are doing 2 pieces and one is also singing a song he composed himself... The show will probably be quite short though!
So just wondering if anyone has any experiences to share, or any advice to offer? I was very worried about the kids not being up to performance standard but my dear Facebook friend Becibu has already set me straight on this so I'm only a bit worried about it now!!
The 16 yr old is not at all keen, she says it's because she's the oldest and she doesn't like performing... Any ideas for how I can convince her to give it a go?
I also have 3 students, two 4 yr old twins and a 6 yr old brother, who have only been learning for a couple of months, not sure what to do with them, I might just play the piano and get them all to sing "Merry Christmas"...
I would love to hear anyone's thoughts on this.
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Postby Dr. John Zeigler - PEP Ed » Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:40 am

Welcome back, celia!

I think what you should do here depends a lot on the students and their personalities. If their resistance is the typical kind of pre-performance jitters and reticence, I would say that you should just tell them that everybody in the audience will be friends or family and that nobody expects perfection. People would just like to hear them perform! Maybe you can do a swap - tell the person if they will perform, you'll do the same. Sometimes, students so enjoy hearing an accomplished pianist play that they will make this deal.

On the other hand, if you have one of those rare people who are deathly afraid of getting up in front of others, then I would say you probably shouldn't push them to perform now, but should make it a priority to build their confidence, so they will feel more comfortable in the future. Most people who are seriously afraid of performing in public simply lack confidence.
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