Liability issues - How do you deal with them?

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Postby Dr. John Zeigler - PEP Ed » Sun Apr 25, 2004 11:10 am

Most piano teachers operate their studios out of a part of their homes. Since this means a constant flow of "guests" in and out of the house, it opens the teacher up for lawsuits, with or without merit. Given that most homeowners policies won't cover liability arising out of the operation of a business in the home, I wonder how many teachers have thought about and addressed liability matters. Even though playing piano properly isn't inherently dangerous, you still have the same potential actionable possibilities that any homeowner would have (dog bites, falls, responsibility for minors on your property and so forth), except magnified many times due to both sheer numbers of visitors and the operation of a for-profit enterprise. As a teacher, do you concern yourself with liability issues? If so, how have you handled them? Any particular issues that have come up in your studio along these lines? ???
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