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PostPosted: Wed Nov 11, 2009 9:00 am
by Dr. John Zeigler - PEP Ed
Many older programs, like the Miracle and Piano Discovery System, have problems under Vista. These manifiest themselves as message that look like "File not found" or "unable to find" during setup. I've seen these problems under Vista many times with other programs. What's likely happening is that Vista "security" is preventing access to the necessary setup files, because you don't have sufficiently high permissions to access all the files. Just having administrative access under Vista isn't enough, especially with older Win 3.1 programs like PDS.

Here's something to try: Start Windows Explorer and point it at the CD-ROM drive where you have the software CD. Right click on the root (top) directory (probably D:) of the software CD and choose Properties from the resulting menu. Then click on the Security tab. Click the Edit... button and in the resulting dialog, look at the authorized users. If your username doesn't appear explicitly, click the Add... button and then type in your username in the resulting dialog. Click Check Names and Vista will find your actual (as Vista sees it) username. Once it finds you, click OK. Now you're back to the Permissions dialog. Give yourself Full control. Now exit out of everything and try the program setup again. If you get the same error, you'll have to do the same process for all the files on the CD. Chances are good that will solve the install problems.