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Postby Dr. John Zeigler - PEP Ed » Fri Jul 01, 2005 10:23 am

Each Board Member, when they register for the Board, is shown the Board Policies, to which they must agree to join. Guests may view the Board and site policies from the Board Help. One of the critical elements of those policy documents is that posts may not be commercial in nature and are subject to removal if they contain commercial information. Due to a recent rash of incidents in which both Members and Guests have posted blatant advertisements on the Board, I feel it is necessary to repeat the prohibition against such postings and define acceptable posting content a little further. This post will only deal with commercial content; see the Board and site policies for a full list of aceeptable and unacceptable content.


Products and services may be mentioned to help illustrate a non-commercial point or identify the product or service to request help of some sort. Estimated prices may be mentioned, if relevant to a non-commercial discussion, and sources may also be mentioned, so long as such mentions don't include explicit commercial information (testimonials, detailed product descriptions, etc).

It is also acceptable to mention that you offer a product or service, if that mention is relevant to an ongoing discussion.

Web site URL's that link to educational or informational, not commercial, pages.


Detailed product descriptions
Pricing and source information
Commercial web site URL's (Members MAY include such a URL in their personal profile. Access to that URL will then be provided via the "world" icon below that member's posts)
Testimonials about the virtues of a product
Offerings of services beyond a mere mention of such an offering

Acceptability of posts will be judged at my discretion. Generally speaking, Members will be given slightly more latitude than Guests in postings, but the same rules apply. Unacceptable posts will either be deleted, if the commercial content constitutes the majority of the post, or edited to remove commercial content, if the post has value beyond the commercial aspects.

It is sad that I have to deal with this issue so directly, given that the intent of the Board is to provide a place where piano aficionados can talk together in a commercial-free zone. I cannot allow the Board to become simply a medium for free advertising by the less scrupulous members of the piano commmunity. :angry:
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