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Postby Dr. John Zeigler - PEP Ed » Wed Mar 02, 2005 9:34 am

Since its inception in 1995, I have kept The Piano Education Page open to contributions from piano teachers and educators all over the world. Counting interviews, articles and features, more than 50 different piano educators have contributed to the site. These people, like me, receive no remuneration for their efforts - just a sense that they are helping others and reaching people all over the world.

I am constantly seeking teachers, parents and even students who might be willing to contribute their talents and knowledge to the site by writing for it. There are opportunities to contribute all over the site: articles for piano teachers, "composer interviews" for kids and teachers, reference materials, interviews (both writing and answering questions), forum moderating, answering e-mail, doing product reviews (music, software, etc), and many more. All that is required is some basic ability to write, knowledge to share, and a willingness to donate your time to the site.

Although we can't and don't pay contributors (you may have noticed that PEP has NO ads), we can promise authors that what they write will be read by lots of other pianists, educators and students all over the world. Over the last year, PEP had over 700,000 visitors. The current daily rate is at over a million visitors a year. During the last year, PEP had over ten million page views, and that number is on a steadily growing pace as well.

You can learn more about authoring for The Piano Education Page on our Site Policies page. For more extensive authoring information, please see our Information for Piano Education Page Authors page. If you think you would like to write for PEP or know someone who might be willing to contribute time to the site, please let me know, by PM, post here, e-mail or use of our Feedback page. I welcome your help, comments and participation on the site. :cool:

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