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Postby Dr. John Zeigler - PEP Ed » Wed Mar 05, 2008 9:17 am

Even though more than 50 authors and interviewees have contributed material to the over 1000 pages, separate from the PEP Forums, that comprise The Piano Education Page, I started the The Piano Education Page Forums in 2004 to give those piano teachers and students who haven't written for PEP a chance to express and discuss their own views of piano teaching and learning. With well over 6000 posts, the PEP Forums constitute one of the largest message board systems on the Internet devoted to piano and music. Anyone who has read the Forum threads in any detail knows that many of them are great sources of both wisdom and inspiration. If you want to find something specific, the threads can be searched automatically by using the Forums' Search function. If it relates to piano teaching and learning, chances are good that it has been discussed here.

That said, it may not be apparent to many visitors, who simply read what they can as unregistered Guests, that far more people read the Forums than actually join and participate. Participation by interested parties is the lifeblood of this and any other Forum system. If you have been reading the Forums with some regularity, I hope you'll consider registering and participating by posting. Registration for membership in the Forums is completely free and takes about 2 minutes. Registration will also give you access to the approximately two thirds of the Forums open only to Members. Of course, the 1000 pages of the "rest" of PEP are always available in one click from any page on the Forums.

You'll find that posting is fast, easy, and actually fun for most people. If you get stuck on how to do something, Help is always just a click away. Posts can ask for help, express an opinion, provide advice or help for others, add input to ongoing discussions or bring up topics that haven't been discussed. You can add to older threads just as well and easily as you can participate in current ones. I often repost in old threads when something new on those topics seems worth saying. Posts need not be "profound" or researched beforehand. Since new activity on the Forums almost always begets more activity, by posting you encourage others to offer their views and knowledge, as well.

The Forums require a great deal of work to maintain and administer. Typically, it takes me over an hour every day just to handle the Forums' administrative chores, preview and approve posts by non-Members (and delete posts by porn spammers), and deal with any problems that arise. All of this free work is done to provide a completely non-profit, ad-free source of information and interaction for teachers and students. If you value this resource, you can help ensure its continuance by offering your insights and opinions for the benefit of all. Your ideas and views will be welcomed here. :)

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