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Occasional registration issues - What they mean

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Postby Dr. John Zeigler - PEP Ed » Sat Jul 14, 2007 10:26 am

Guests who wish to register to become Members (please do!) may encounter an occasional message to the effect that registration has been turned off by the Board Administrator (i.e. me). This is done to confound spam robots from submitting X-rated registrations to the Board. If you encounter this message, please try to register again after 12-24 hours, as I only turn off registrations for short periods of time when spamming gets out of control. Since I've largely solved the spamming problem by other means, I turn off registration very infrequently.

Sometimes you may see a message when you register to the effect that "You are not logged in". Unfortunately, this error message is built into the software and is not easily changed to something more informative. Usually, this results because a registration field that is required (real e-mail address, real name, location) is not filled in. Just go back to the registration form and fill in the required fields and you should be fine. If you're still having problems when you fill out the required fields, send me a PM and I'll look into it.

Some registrants may see a message "You cannot use that e-mail address on this Board." In the overwhelming majority of instances, the only "people" who see such a message are spammers' spam robots, whose e-mail addresses have been banned from the Board for multiple spamming violations of Board policies after multiple warnings. Spammer registrations and posts would overwhelm the Board if they were not intercepted in this way.

Occasionally, though, a legitimate registrant may see this message. Usually, this means the registrant is trying to use a or e-mail address. I occasionally ban all such e-mail addresses for short periods of time to confound spammers, who use fake e-mail addresses at these legitimate sites to register. If you have tried to use an e-mail address at one of these webmail providers, you may see such a message. In that case, the simplest remedy is to use another e-mail address. These bans are always temporary, so, if you MUST use such an e-mail address, try to register again in a few days.

A discussion of the nature of the problems experienced by some visitors can be found in the Board Help section, Problems? Fortunately, the great majority of such visitors don't experience these issues.

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